Collection: Air Jordan 4

The enduring elegance of the Air Jordan 4

Air Jordan 4, an icon in its own right.

This model stands out as one of the most beloved versions of the Air Jordan collection, captivating collectors and sneaker enthusiasts, just like its legendary predecessor, the Air Jordan 1 , this model has risen to essential status, evolving into a definitive model, making becomes a reference within the entire lineage. Unlike the Jordan 1, the Jordan 4 does not have high or low versions, as we can see in the Air Jordan 1 Mid and Air Jordan 1 High .

After the gigantic commercial success of the Air Jordan 3 silhouette, the Jumpman brand embarked in search of a new triumph. Bringing together the same visionary team responsible for the transformative revolution that gave rise to the AJ3, Tinker Hatfield , within the collaboration between Nike and Jordan, created the Air Jordan in 1989. This pair arose directly from Michael Jordan 's own gaming demands. . At the height of his illustrious career, the "GOAT" sought to surpass even his own unparalleled achievements. The AJ4's aerodynamic design and meticulously crafted composition are a direct result of the need to improve "His Airness" performance. Hatfield's creative vision was anchored in the principles of flexibility, ventilation, freedom of movement and maximum comfort.

A robust sneaker with quality materials

The pair therefore features a leather upper combined with mesh, unheard of at the time! The plastic parts also hold the ankle and heel to strengthen the security and stability of the foot. We find the Jumpman logo, which appeared on the Jordan 3, with the inscription " Flight ", which is added to the look. At the height of his art, it is with the Jordan IV that the Bulls' number 23 jersey will become the NBA's top scorer for the third consecutive year. The pair will also become legends thanks to the famous "The Shot", the shooting of Craig Ehlo during the 1989 playoffs.

The Air Jordan 4 will also be essential on the street and in culture thanks to director Spike Lee , who will feature this model in several of his films. It's one of the sneakers that made a mark in cinema like the Air Jordan 11 in the film "He Got Game" with Denzel Washington. He will also do a series of advertisements in collaboration with Nike for the model, once and for all maintaining the legendary status of these sneakers.

Enriched by unprecedented collaborations

To expand its influence, the Air Jordan 4 harnessed the power of collaborations that have always exceeded expectations. Among them, a remarkable partnership with the world-renowned artist Kaws stands out. The New York street artist infused his distinctive style into this model, incorporating gray suede panels, his signature Kaws XX on the heel, and an enchanting translucent glow-in-the-dark outsole, resulting in a masterpiece. In collaborations that marked this silhouette, the notable work of the American denim brand Levi's stands out, with its " Black " and " White " packaging. Completely in denim, these sneakers offer an infinite canvas for customization - let the denim wear you naturally, or take things into your own hands and adapt to your unique vision. In more recent collaborations, the immensely influential rapper of our time, Travis Scott , offers his "Astroworld" version in an electrifying blue colorway. The design includes a translucent outsole and Cactus Jack logo emblazoned on the heel, giving this pair the distinction of being one of the 'hottest' releases of the last decade.