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Nike Dunk Low: A Timeless Silhouette Shaping Eras
In the heart of urban culture
With four decades having passed since the start of the Slam-Dunk phenomenon, Nike, having just crossed its first decade, finds itself in the midst of basketball's growing popularity. 1985 was a pivotal year for Nike Basketball, as it marked the birth of the iconic Nike Dunk.

Created with the creative drive of a young design team, the Nike Dunk basketball shoe combines performance innovation with streetwear aesthetics. The leather design not only piqued Nike's interest in basketball, but also highlighted its unwavering dedication to improving athletic performance through footwear.

Conceived by designer Peter Moore and originally known as the "Color Color High," the Nike Dunk was a captivating fusion of multiple design elements, a practice that was characteristic of Nike's basketball shoe collection in the 1980s. predecessor, the Nike Air Force 1, released three years earlier, the 1985 silhouette pays homage to its influential lineage.