HypedFam: Who are we?

The Hypedam journey began in 2020 in Guimarães, Portugal, with Luis, a passionate sneaker aficionado. He quickly recognized a gap in the Portuguese market for a platform dedicated to sneakers that prioritized a quality shopping experience. Each pair, without exception, is authenticated in detail.

Over the past year, the team has expanded modestly from solo founder to a trio of sneaker lovers, each committed to offering an unparalleled experience in buying and reselling streetwear products.

At HypedFam, identity has been uniquely shaped by your journey. We believe that with dedication and effort we can achieve everything we want. We are committed to pushing limits and evolving with every step we take.

Our Mission

Give all sneaker and streetwear fans, enthusiasts and curious people the opportunity to purchase the limited edition products they love with complete confidence.

Pairs offered by HypedFam are most often sold out instantly when they are released in stores and on traditional websites. They are then sold as new on a secondary market at much higher prices, as demand exceeds supply. To make its products available, HypedFam has created a network of tens of thousands of partners in Europe.

At Your Service

Do you need help choosing the right size, information about our upcoming releases or have an urgent product request? Contact us.

Our team is available to answer all your questions via email, chatbot or message on Instagram.