MSCHF's 4 Most Bizarre Sneakers

Os 4 Ténis Mais Bizarros Da MSCHF

MSCHF is known for its unusual approach to art and when they enter the world of sneakers , we have to say, it's something extraordinary. From incorporating the most unexpected materials to tackling the most controversial topics, MSCHF has pushed the boundaries of sneaker design.

In this article we explore the 4 craziest sneakers ever created by MSCFG, showing their creativity and ability to challenge fashion norms.

1. ''Jesus Shoes''

'Jesus Shoes' quickly became a cultural phenomenon. Taking the classic Nike Air Max 97 silhouette, MSCHF injected holy water from the Jordan River into the midsoles and decorated them with a crucifix. These unique sneakers caught the attention of many people, challenging the boundaries between religion, fashion and consumerism. Regarding the price of this pair, it is possible to see sales of around €3000.

MSCHF injects holy water into NIKE air max 97s to create 'jesus shoes'

2. ''Satan Shoes''

Another highly controversial release, the 'Satan Shoes' emerged from a collaboration between MSCHF and Lil Nas X. These modified Nike Air Max 97s featured pentagram designs, red hues and a drop of real blood on the midsole. Limited to 666 pairs, the 'Satan Shoes' created a clash between artistic expression and religious sensibilities.

Lil Nas X's unofficial 'Satan' Nikes containing human blood sell out in under a minute | CNN

3. ''Birkinstocks''

MSCHF took the classic Birkenstock sandals and created their unique ''Birkinstocks''. These sandals mix the comfort of Birkenstocks with the luxurious aesthetics of Hermès Birkin bags. 'Birkinstocks' challenged traditional notions of luxury and questioned the extremes between high fashion and everyday footwear. The price of these pairs started at €30,000 and went up to €73,000 for a crocodile skin version.

MSCHF Drops the "Most Exclusive Sandals Ever Made," They're Called Birkinstocks - The Fashion Law

4. Red Boots

The MSCHF Red Boots caught the attention of everyone in the sneaker world. With a vibrant red and an unusual design, these boots exude confidence and have once again exceeded the limits of traditional boot aesthetics. The striking red boots have become a symbol of individuality and a fearless fashion expression.

MSCHF's approach to sneaker design is anything but conventional.

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