How to Spot Fake Sneakers - The Complete Guide

Como Identificar Ténis Falsos - O Guia Completo

In a world where sneaker culture has exploded and with pairs at extremely high prices, the increase in replicas on the market has become an unfortunate reality. With advances in technology used to imitate these sneakers, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish imitations from authentic pairs.

But don't worry, here at Hypedfam we only sell original products and we will help you identify fake products and give you tips so you never get scammed!

1. Analyze the price

This will often be the easiest way to identify whether the store you are buying from sells counterfeit or original products. For example, if you see a store selling Jordan Travis Scott for €100-200, or Yeezys under €200, they are obviously not original, the same with other models.

2. Do a brief research on the seller

Sites like Trustpilot often help to verify the legitimacy of a website/store, read feedback from other customers. You can also check the returns policy, by law in Europe, all online stores are obliged to provide a returns period of up to 14 days, if they don't allow it we would say it is a red flag.

3. Analyze the contents of the box

The box should be the first thing you check, of all the details, the shoe box and tags are what replicas neglect most. Use the internet and compare your box, stickers, fonts, retail tag and box size.

4. Check the inside tag

Tags are one of the biggest mistakes in replicas, research again what the real ones are and compare them to your pair.

5. Notice the odor

We are serious, the truth is that replicas tend to be manufactured with cheaper materials compared to the originals, and because of this the odor is drastically different.

6. Analyzes the quality of materials

Authentic sneakers are made with quality materials, pay attention to the texture, baking, check the outsole and inside sole. Counterfeit pairs are usually less precise in stitching, in certain details and even in the materials used in the construction of the pair. However, remember that even original pairs may have some factory defects. Therefore, it is important to analyze all factors together.

7. Pay attention to every detail

Look at the shape of your sneakers, the tongue, the laces, the toe box and even the logos.

Finally, we hope that it is now clearer for you to identify replicas and that you can spread this knowledge with your friends who buy sneakers online.

As you can see, it's not the easiest task, it requires a lot of knowledge about tennis and the ability to recognize the differences. However, we guarantee that at Hypedfam all products are authentic and fortunately it is our priority to make sure that our customers buy something legitimate.

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