À Conversa com Hyzer: Tendências, Streetwear em Portugal e Ser Autêntico a Si Mesmo

Chatting with Hyzer: Trends, Streetwear in Portugal and Being Authentic to Yourself

You know a little about Tiago Hyzer , he lives in Lisbon, is a full-time content creator in UGC (User-Generated Content) format and also works with influencer marketing. He has 40.6k followers on Instagram and 102.4k on Tiktok , creates fashion and culinary content, and has a collection that is the envy of everyone who loves streetwear and sneaker culture.

How did your passion for fashion begin?

I've always loved fashion. Since I was very young, I have loved clothes and shoes. It's a super natural thing for me. It's not something that is mega planned and that I try to force into my life.

How do you keep up with trends and do you have someone you use as inspiration?

I try to be attentive, but I don't live glued to anyone's identity otherwise I lose my own identity. It's good to know the things that are unclear, but not everything that is unclear suits me or fits within my freedom of expression in what I consider “my fashion”.

What types of obstacles/challenges did you face as a fashion influencer and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge has always been trying to stand out on a platform so saturated and filled with people with much more talent than me. I think the “turning point” in my career came when I stopped forcing myself into the fashion scene and started doing other things that also give me pleasure.


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Any special story with any piece/accessory/sneakers, if so which one?

Well, I think the only more special story in relation to clothes/sneakers was when my husband “ran around the world” to give me the AF1 x LV as a gift for our 8th wedding anniversary. Got retail in the Lisbon store. Only he and God know what the experience was like!!

What is your general opinion of the streetwear/sneakers community in Portugal?

I think we are very good at what we do, that there is room for everyone and that we can get along well even though we have completely different styles and ways of being.

At the end of the day, the clothes I wear don't define me, they're just a cover or an ad-on to what I want to show that day, at that moment. And this is something that sometimes comes before the basic principles here in Portugal: “Someone has more than you, they are already rubbish because they have more” Or “That person doesn't have X so they are rotten and don't deserve credit” - For me this is nonsense.

Fashion/ Street/ Sneaker Culture, is using pieces that make sense to those who wear them, scenes that make us happy and help us, in some way, to find a “group”, a family, where we can exchange POVs - it's mainly about being in good with our energy. It's not making other people's lives hell just because they don't use exactly the same thing as you or me.

What is your favorite trend of the moment?

In terms of Streetwear/Sneaker, I honestly don't know. I'm very lost in trends. I don't understand ANYTHING. But I'm enjoying this Adidas boom. I've always loved it and I think it's an amazing brand.

Quick Answer Questions

How many pairs do you have in your collection?

30 +/-

Top 3 pieces/accessories/sneakers in your closet?

  1. AF1 x LV by Virgil
  2. LV Destroyed Denim Jacket by Virgil
  3. My collection of glasses (from my brand, which I can't reveal the name of yet).

What is the price of the most expensive piece in your collection?

At retail, my LV denim jacket. Resell, the AF1 x LV.

Define your style in one word!


Order holy grail?

Well, the AF1 x LV were my grail. Guess it's done.

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