5 tips for taking care of your sneakers/sneakers

5 dicas para cuidares dos teus ténis/sapatilhas

What we wear every day is much more than a pair of sneakers, it is a reflection of our personal style. In order to keep your beloved sneakers clean and fresh, and ensure they last longer, here are 5 essential tips to help you keep your pairs in the best condition.

1. Regular cleaning

Keeping your pairs clean is the first step to taking care of them. We recommend using the Crep Protect Travel Kit . You can start by wetting the brush with water and adding the cleaning solution, brushing the sneakers/sneakers in circular motions and finishing with the microfiber cloth to clean. We recommend removing the cords and washing them separately as well.

2. Air Drying

After washing them, avoid using direct heat sources such as a dryer, let them dry naturally. You can add a shoe tree to maintain its shape during the process. Place them in a place with air current and without direct exposure to the ground to prevent discoloration of your favorite sneakers.

3. Protect with Hydrophobic Spray

Protecting your sneakers/sneakers with this Spray creates an invisible coating that repels liquids, dust and grease, prevents stains and you can use it on any model with different materials. With this Spray, your shoes have up to 4 weeks of protection.

4. Store them properly

Storing your shoes properly is essential to avoid damaging them and to maintain their shape. Avoid placing your pairs on top of each other, we recommend using individual boxes or on a vertical shelf.

5. Rotate your sneakers/sneakers

Wearing the same pairs every day will make them wear out faster. To ensure that your sneakers last longer, the ideal is to rotate your collection to give them a 'rest'. Alternating your pairs and letting them dry completely reduces the risk of odor and bacteria growth.

Bonus tip: You can use the Sneaker Shields we have available to maintain the shape of the sneakers during use, they have gel technology so they are comfortable while you wear them.

With these 6 tips we are sure that your sneakers will last for several years and look like new, so don't forget to take care of them so you can enjoy them even more.

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