Os Best Sellers do mês de fevereiro

February's Best Sellers

For our first article, we'll start with the best-selling sneakers of February. This month we have incredible new releases, such as the Dunk Low ''Valentine's Day'' , new Jordan 4 , and another restock of the mythical Dunk Low Black White ''Panda'' . Taking a general balance, the best-seller remains the same once again, and we continue with a predominance of Nike but not totality with the appearance of the New Balance 550 White Green on the list. Without further ado, let's take a look at the list.

5. Air Jordan 4 Seafoam

4. Dunk Low Rose Whisper

3. New Balance 550 White Green

2. Dunk Low Next Nature Mint

1. Dunk Low Black White

The Dunk Low continues to dominate the ranking, especially the Dunk Low Black White, will we still see a new pair dominating the ranking this year?
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