À Conversa com Miguel Maninho: Paixão crescente na Moda, o Início da Jornada como Influencer e as Dificuldades

In Conversation with Miguel Maninho: Growing Passion in Fashion, the Beginning of the Journey as an Influencer and the Difficulties

Miguel Maninho, born and raised in Lisbon, studies Veterinary Medicine and works as a content creator. He is one of the most recent sensations on Portuguese TikTok, he has more than 70 thousand followers and his content falls into the fashion category.

We know that you started to gain popularity on TikTok, can you tell us a little about your journey?

My journey began in one of the most atypical years of my life, during a Gap year in college I decided to start recording outfits sporadically, at first I didn't even show my face and now it's what you can see.

How did your passion for fashion begin?

I always liked dressing “well”, however it was never a passion, I started taking risks more recently, when I decided to create a Tiktok linked to the theme, both in more out-of-the-box pieces and in other areas of fashion. When I saw that it was working and that the public supported and liked it, I decided to give the world of fashion a try and now I have a passion.

How do you keep up with trends and do you have someone you use as inspiration?

Nowadays it's easy to stay up to date with trends, it's a matter of having Instagram or Tiktok.
Even so, I have several inspirations, both in the world of fashion, in the digital world, and outside this world, for example, football players, music artists and others.

What types of obstacles/challenges did you have as an influencer linked to fashion and how did you overcome them?

Fashion is still a topic closely linked to the female world, on social media, for a man, it is more difficult, in my opinion, to succeed in this world.

Any special story with any piece/accessory/sneakers, if so which one?

The most special story I have is that of my high heels, it was a completely crazy purchase and was received by the public in a way I never expected, it became one of my favorite pieces.

What is your general opinion of the streetwear/sneakers community in

It's a style that has seen very good growth in recent years, people are now taking more risks.

What is your favorite trend of the moment? In terms of Streetwear/Sneaker.

I don't know if it counts as a trend, but I've always been very addicted to sweaters and vintage clothes.

Rapid fire questions:

How many pairs do you have in your collection?

In total I have around 15 pairs, not all of them Sneakers .

Top 3 pieces/accessories/sneakers in your closet?

My HypeVault Lightning ring, my 1980 hard rock sweatshirt and my gold Nixon.

What is the price of the most expensive piece in your collection?

It's a piece that I don't even wear much anymore, a camouflage Nike tech jacket, it was €220

Define your style in one word


What is your holy grail piece?

Vintage Hard Rock sweatshirt

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